Mell Pritchard - Abstract Heart.

Mell grew up in Darlington, a market town in the North East of England. Now happily married and living with her husband, her two beautiful children and of course their Border Terriers, which occasionally feature in Mell's photography. She has had many day jobs including running a successful business for several years.
However, her calling was within the art world. Always drawing and painting throughout her life. Returning to college at the age of 32 gave her license to create and thoroughly explore her love of art. Always experimenting with new methods and mediums, she has created an eclectic body of fascinating work over the years. 

A keen photographer she aims to capture the essence of the beauty that is all around. Usually photographing the stunning landscapes of the North East. The moors, the beaches and the urban areas. 
Her main passion and main body of work is shown in her abstract paintings and mixed media work. Often drawing inspiration from the surrealist and expressionists, she creates work with a depth of colour and raw feeling that come straight from the heart. Layering the canvas with an abundance of colours, mediums and emotions.